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Just saw this on r/funny

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Everytime a female middle-aged facebook friend shares a post with minions

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Was permanently banned from r/funny for this haha hope you guys can appreciate it

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Good Mews Everyone! My pride and joy ❤️

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Friend got this for me at a Good Will.

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An interesting connection I found on Instagram

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Watching Spirit on Netflix with my 2 year old and LEELA SHOWS UP. Count stop laughing at Leela’s voice coming out of “Butch Lepray”. Anyone else know anywhere the planet express crew’s voices have showed up?

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My home made Bender X-Mas Sweater

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Found Frys lost cousin

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Posted this somewhere else some time ago, thought you light like it.

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Foreshadowing, nibblers shadow in S1E1 1:54 in.

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We now join America's most popular show already in progress, Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad.

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Time for rewatch number 7?

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I can't wait to ride the bumper cars... on the moon!

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Found my car twin.

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Ho Ho Ho!

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Paper Boy

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Leela’s mom getting billboard time in season 2

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I thought you guys would like the bender head I made

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Found in r/speedrun

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Listen to me Fry, just because you think you're a robut, doesn't make you a robut. After all, I think I'm a doctor, but that doesn't make me a doctor. These fancy clothes do!

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Xmas gift arrived early, just need to get a frame now

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This damn guy is everywhere!

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Our crew is replaceable, your package isn’t! Nifty little planet express sticker I got!

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The final project in a class of mine was to successfully pattern a design of our choice onto a silicon wafer. My TA did not seem to appreciate my choice as much as I did

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Found Bender at Trader Joe’s

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We thought you only cared about cans of anchovies and stuffy old songs about the buttocks.

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If you start watching Space Pilot on 31st of December at 23:58:07 you will enter into 2019 the same moment Fry gets frozen