See this at the mall today, I spent so much money on it
I have this same problem with hard boiled eggs too.
AWWWWW YISSSSSS... Boss let me have my Christmas bonus EARLY!!!!!!
10 Things To do with Left Over Halloween Candy
Tiny holes in starburst???
Bring back the best Gummi Bears of all time! The Ferrara Candy Company discontinued them in 2012. Contact them and help me get them to bring back the best!
Prob not the best ad for r/candy
Oh, The Sugar!
I found a misprint sour patch kids. Does anyone want to buy?
Moar Dum Dums
So many Dum-Dums
I think subconsciously I already miss summer.
This is what happens when you eat candy in church
Prestat Ruby Chocolate
Solved the age old question of where Grandma's get those strawberry candies: CVS
Haribo Goldbären and Watermelon Juicy Fruit
Doesn’t like snicker
Do you want red gravy or brown gravy on these?